Al Tiramisu

Al Tiramisu, in Washington D.C., is one of those little restaurants on the street that you could pass by without noticing.. and you would have no idea of what you’ve missed. The appetizers in this restaurant are definitely a must, the smoked duck prosciutto compares to nothing you have tasted before, and the burrata is perfectly combined with black truffle and served with honey on the side.

For our main dish we were both craving risotto, and decided to take advantage of truffle season. The black truffle risotto was exquisite and freshly served, it is served very plain and then the waiter proceeds to grate the truffle right there in front of you; the porcini mushroom risotto wasn’t as mesmerizing but was still perfectly cooked and enjoyable. In my opinion it is not really a dessert place, but dinner is definitely worth it.


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