Saint’s Cafe

You could imagine my frustration to live in a small college town like State College, where as you can imagine, there isn’t really a wide variety of gastronomic options (hence the escapes to NYC and D.C.). But in every small town, with time, you can find little treasures of happiness.

My favorite spot is a little cafe that puts to shame half the coffee shops in the city: Saint’s Cafe. With their wide variety of one-more-delicious-than-the-other desserts, and delicious intelligentsia coffee, Saint’s promises to surprise every coffee lover out there.

The vintage environment is perfect for a little away time from college life, or for a study session for others that like myself, hate studying at the library.

My personal favorites: the carrot cake, chocolate madness cake, pumpkin cheesecake, coconut banana muffin, quiche lorraine, and vanilla chai latte.

P.S.: expect other posts about this place in the future, you just HAVE to see the carrot cake.



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