OMG Brigadeiros

Oh my gosh indeed. These little Brazilian sweets, that aren’t as well known as they should be, have stolen a little piece of my heart right next to macarons. As it is described in the store, a Brigadeiro or Brigadier is a sweet Brazilian delicacy created in the 1940s that is common throughout the country and present in virtually all kids and most adult parties (I do recall some brigadeiros in Venezuelan kid parties as well, but definitely not as good as these ones).

Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros, in Coral Gables, gives a new twist to these delicious sweets making creative variations in all flavors and colors. I was disappointed to not find as many flavors as they have online, but still enjoyed each and every one of the flavors I got to try. We had the white milk, dulce de leche, cookies ‘n’cream, orange almond, peanut butter, and lime flavors. My favorite one was the dulce de leche but they were all delicious.

The coffee was also great (Nespresso, one of my favorites) and the brigadeiros are served with a shot sparkling water on the side in case you find them a little too sweet, which has never been my problem with dessert before.

The brigadeiros can also be ordered for pickup or delivery, which I would recommend since despite its cute deco and nice ambiance, parking was a little bit scarce.

Bom Apetite,



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