345 Caffe Italiano 

Happy new year! To celebrate the beginning of 2016 I decided to start the year off right with some gelato. So I have a random recommendation of one of my favorite places to eat ice cream in Miami.

345 Caffe Italiano, in Coral Gables has the best Nutella gelato e v e r. It is perfectly creamy and tastes like pure and heavenly Nutella. The “torta della nonna” is also delicious, I can only describe it by saying what my sister and I say when something is too good: tastes like Italy. 

They also serve crepes and other random things but I’m only obsessed with the gelato and the torta della nonna. 

Hope you all had a wonderful and guilt-free New Year’s Eve before starting all your healthy resolutions for 2016! 

Buon appetito,


P.S.: follow me on my new Instagram account @ilpiattone if you want more indulging food posts in your life. 

Torta della Nonna
Nutella gelato


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