Le Bouchon du Grove

If you’re looking for a nice and small restaurant in Miami that’s not too over-the-top yet the food is still delicious for a casual night out for dinner, Le Bouchon du Grove is the place you’re looking for.

I must admit French food isn’t usually my personal favorite since I believe it is pretty hard to find a good place but I was pleasantly surprised by dinner last night in this charming restaurant. We were greeted with complimentary champagne and even though I had previously read the service wasn’t very good, our waiter proved those reviews wrong through the whole evening. The restaurant is very small and casual, I can only describe it as the classic place the chef opens up at the end of the movie when he retires and fulfills his life-long dream of opening his own place where he can be himself.

We started with the Terrine of Leek with smoked salmon and goat cheese salad that was very good; for our entrées I had the Salmon with black truffle butter and sweet pea purée, the salmon was perfectly done yet a little too salty for my taste, and the purée was exquisite (and I don’t even like sweets peas); I also got the chance to try the steak with fries that was perfectly well done; and the salmon fillet with risotto and lobster sauce, which was my favorite plate on the table (I was a little skeptical about ordering  risotto in a French place but kudos to the chef for nailing an Italian dish!). For dessert we had one of my personal favorites, the Crème Brûlée, and it was exquisite, we also tried the caramelized Apple Pie “Tarte Tatin” which was delicious as well.

Chef Christian Ville came out occasionally to greet his customers and ask how everyone was, which reinforced my description of the “life-long-dream restaurant at the end of the movie” and made the experience more pleasant and almost homey. I didn’t get to try the mussels that everyone talks about, so definitely coming back.

Bon Appétit,



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