China Chilcano 

Last night’s dinner was a mix of the best Chinese and Peruvian flavors combined. China Chilcano, a Jose Andres restaurant in DC specializes in “Chifa”, the fusion of Peruvian and Chinese ingredients to create new dishes; and who doesn’t love some good Chinese AND Peruvian?

We started the night with some Pisco Sours and for appetizers we enjoyed the Classic Ceviche, which was flawless; the Dancing Yuca, which are yuca fries with aji amarillo aioli, kabayaki sauce, and bonito flakes; and the Chifles Chiferos, that are crispy plantain and taro root chips with sweet potato-rocoto sauce and Chinese spices. 

For our main plates we had the classic Peruvian Aji de Gallina with a Chinese twist, and my favorite the Arroz a la Cubana (no pictures sorry! But I recommend to mix it all up and eat it like Chinese fried rice). We didn’t have any dessert, but I’m sure the Suspiro Limeño wouldn’t disappoint! 

Buen Provecho/个饱,


Pisco Sour and Chifles Chiferos
Ceviche Clasico La Mar
Dancing Yuca
Aji de Gallina


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