Nazca Mochica DC

It’s been a while since I posted something (and not because I haven’t been eating) but because finals are coming up, and you are talking to the new Community Manager of Spoon University for Penn State’s Chapter!!! So, needless to say, most of my writing efforts have been dedicated to Spoon. But now that summer is coming I promise that Il Piattone is coming back, and better than ever.

But enough about me, I know you guys just care about the food… So I’m going to tell you about my new favorite Peruvian place in DC. This one I actually didn’t found on my own, but it was recommended to me by a friend (shout out to Maleo), and it was epic.

Nazca Mochica is a contemporary Peruvian cuisine restaurant that guarantees that you’ll leave wanting more. My favorite part about this place is the “double-ambiance”, you see if you go downstairs to Mochica, it is more like a bar with great drinks and a Pisco and Ceviche Bar; while Nazca, which is upstairs, provides a more formal dining experience.

We decided on Nazca (but don’t worry Mochica, I’m coming back for you) and these were some of my favorites in the table: as appetizers we shared the Causitas, the Ceviche Mixto, and the Grilled Octopus. Causitas were my favorite, they were topped with pork belly, Aji Amarillo chicken salad, tuna ceviche, and pepper salad; they were all great but my favorite was the pork belly one. As an entrée I had the Mochica Ceviche, both ceviches were pretty spicy but delicious, I blame myself for not properly training my tastebuds to handle spice (something to work on). Finally for dessert we had the best Alfajores ever, they were delicate and perfectly sweet, and Suspiro Limeño, which is usually one of my favorite desserts but this one had a tropical-fruity twist that I wasn’t expecting.

Of course this dinner, was well accompanied by Pisco Sours and I plan on coming back to try Mochica, which specializes on drinks, ceviches, and tiraditos.

So I must say goodbye now, because Finals Week is a weekend away, and anything that is food-related is simply my favorite method of procrastination but duty calls!

Buen Provecho,



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