Wine Bar and Coffee Lab

Well when you get your first paycheck ever it should deserve some kind of celebration right? That’s why we went to a place that combines two of my favorites to celebrate: 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab

Needless to say I’m already obsessed with the place and it’s not only because of its exquisite selection of wines and good coffee, but because they sure know how to pair their drinks with delicious treats. 

I paired my Muré Cremant d’Alsace with a   Crème Brûlée that fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. And we shared a Bacon and Gruyere Quiche Soufflé which was buttery and delicious. 

Also, they pair their wines in “flights” so you can do tastings and try something a little different. 

This was the perfect spot to toast my first weeks of interning and for the first time I got to say it was “my treat”. 

Bon Appétit,


Crème Brûlée and Quiche Soufflé


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