A Tavola 

If you love pizza as much as I do A Tavola is a necessary stop if you’re ever in Cincy. 

Located in OTR (one of my favorite spots in Cincy), A Tavola is a laid back Italian Bar and Trattoria that makes exceptionally great Neapolitan style pizzas, among other things. 

For our antipasto we shared the bacon tapenade bruschette with goat cheese that were simply life-changing, I’m usually up for anything that says bacon but the combination of bacon with goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar made the appetizer truly exceptional. 

We then ordered the Fig and Prosciutto pizza with fontina cheese and arugula which was definitely a crowd pleaser with the perfectly blended, sweet and salty combination; and the white anchovy pizza which was also excellent but I wouldn’t recommend if you’re not an anchovy lover like I am. 

They’re also known for their cocktails and drink menu but we didn’t order anything in that area, so we’ll have to come back for a night out. 

Buon Appetito,


Bacon Tapenade Bruschette
Fig and Prosciutto Close Up
Fig and Prosciutto, and White Anchovy Pizzas


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