So I’ve been a little absent in the blog writing world, and I know I promised that #IlPiattoneACincy would be better than ever! But it’s just because I’ve been mentally preparing myself to write about my favorite night out in Cincy so far (and if you follow me on my Instagram @ilpiattone you would see that I’m keeping the eeeeeats coming but restraining myself to captions rather than blogposts). So here it is…

Sotto truly took me back to last summer in Italy with every single one of its dishes. We started off with some bruschette with Chicken Liver Mousse and pistachio, right from the beginning I was dazzled away, and almost cried when I realized we were out of bruschette and still had some mousse left (I even asked the waiter to just leave it on the table even though I had nothing to eat it with in an act of extreme denial).

We shared every single one of the dishes because all of them were too delicious to not share with the world. The Tartare di Fassone was definitely the winning appetizer, topped with freshly grated grana padano, crunchy breadcrumbs, and just a hint of lemon to add freshness, this was the perfect starter for dinner. We also had the Grilled Octopus that was perfectly cooked and accompanied with white bean shishito ragu.

For our entrées we shared the Black Truffle Tagliattele which weren’t as truffled as I would have wanted to but still very good, and the Short Rib Cappellacci which were everything I imagined and more! All the pasta is freshly made in the restaurant (and you can tell by its perfect “al-denteness”), and you can actually see them at work in the restaurant.

Finally, when dessert came along we had Sotto’s famous Ricotta Doughnuts and I definitely understood what all the fuss is about; they were accompanied by pistachio, salted caramel, and chocolate sauces, but after trying the salted caramel one you’ll quickly lose interest in the other two. We also tried the Bonet which was a chocolate amaretto pudding that teletransported me to Italy for a few bites.

This place has quickly become a Cincy favorite to me and I recommend it to everyone around the area. I look forward to trying Sotto’s neighbor Boca for my birthday and letting you guys know how it is.

Buon Appetito,


Bruschette with Chicken Liver Mousse
Tartare di Fassone
Grilled Octopus
Short Rib Cappellacci
Black Truffle Tagliatelle
Ricotta Doughnuts

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