Making junk food “gourmet” is definitely one of my favorite movements out there. Truffle in fries, foie gras in burgers… What more could you ask for? 

This is why it was love at first bite the second I digged into my gourmet hot dog at Senate in OTR. 

We started off with one of my favorite things to eat in a pub: poutine! But this was no ordinary poutine, this bad boy is topped with exquisite shortrib and local cheese curds. I have to admit my stomach still growls when I look at the picture. 

We then ordered two different gourmet hot dogs: the “trailer park” and the “Lindsay Lohan.” I had to add a picture of the menu to the post, because even if it wouldn’t have sound extremely delicious, I would have probably still ordered it just because it comes with “tons of drama.”

The Lindsay Lohan was hands down the best hot dog I’ve ever had. The trailer park, while more classic was still to die for, I mean when you read “wrapped with bacon” in a menu, you know you have a winner.

Lindsay Lohan Hot Dog
Trailer Parl Hot Dog
I’ve been dreaming about going back already to submerge myself into a pool of poutine. Sadly I’ll be leaving Cincy soon and I can’t afford to repeat places instead of trying new ones! But for those of you that plan on visiting the Queen City, this is a must if you’re a gastropub fan like myself.




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