Cosme NYC

Last week we decided to try out one of the latest additions to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, Cosme

With a classy and cool yet laidback vibe, Cosme offers Mexican food with a twist that still tastes surprisingly authentic. On top of everything, the cocktail menu is amazing so this place could very much work as a dinning out experience or a night out in town. 

My favorite part is that the dishes are meant to be shared and I love tapas-style restaurants because you end up trying absolutely everything (and probably eating more than you think you did), so we got a chance to try out several dishes out of the menu.

We started off with what could possibly be some of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. The cocktail menu was extremely intriguing and the drinks all looked delicious but we decided to be very basic and stick with margaritas. I did try a little sip of the Ninja, which is like a Margarita-Moscow Mule hybrid. And while ordering guac and chips at Cosme may sound absurd since there are so many exotic mouthwatering dishes to try, let me just say Enrique Olvera’s herb guacamole is something else and definitely a must

Herb Guacamole

We then ordered as appetizers the Uni Tostada which at first looked like a regular Mexican tostada but it actually had a very different taste as it was topped with bone marrow salsa; the lobster which was different from any lobster I’ve tasted before, it had a sweet taste at first due to the brown butter foam and ended with a Japanese-like spice due to the ginger mojo; finally, one of my favorite dishes on the table, the Octopus Memela. What I loved most about Cosme is that flavors that I would never imagine together such as Octopus with black beans, salsa verde and queso fresco, came perfectly together into each of the dishes making every single bite an explosive experience.

Memela, octopus, asiento, black beans, salsa verde, queso fresco
Lobster, shiso, ginger mojo, brown butter
Uni tostada, avocado, bone marrow salsa, cucumber

We then proceeded to our main dish and honestly the main reason we wanted to come to Cosme in the first place: the duck carnitas. The carnitas were everything I hoped for and more, from the house made tortillas to the tenderly cooked duck and the salsa, everything added up to the perfectly light yet tasty taco. 

Duck carnitas, onions, radishes, cilantro

To end our dinner we had the Husk Meringe, Corn Mousse and the Goat Cheesecake to share. I must say dessert wasn’t my favorite part, I guess I’m a little more classic when it comes down to it, but they were both definitely intriguing and an important part of the complete Cosme experience. 

Definitely a must if you’re in the city and are looking for something different yet at the same time authentic. I would definitely come back for the duck carnitas and the drinks anytime.

Buen provecho,



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