The Ultimate Foodie Central Park Picnic 

As I’m getting ready to leave NYC to begin my gastroadventures in Europe I wanted to leave you with a post of one of my favorite things to do in The City around this time of the year: picnicking.

But being the insightful foodie I am, I’m not here to talk about basic sandwiches-and-pasta salad picnics, I’m going to show you how to enjoy the ultimate Central Park picnic, no baskets involved.

My main sponsor for picnics is the Plaza Food Hall. You have an insane variety of options and different cuisine styles to satisfy whatever you’re craving, you can go for crepes, pizza, lobster rolls, sushi and don’t even get me started on desserts. Not only is this foodie heaven but it is steps away from Central Park, so you can easily grab your food and cross the street to enjoy your laidback meal in the heart of the concrete jungle. 

On this specific occasion we decided to go for what has quickly become one of my biggest NYC obsessions: Pizza Rollio. Pizza Rollio is one of those fascinating ideas that upset me because I hate I didn’t think of it first, it’s basically thin crust crispy pizza that you can roll up in bites and accentuate with fresh arugula and sprouts. On top of creating this new creative way to eat pizza, the ingredients are amazing. We had the Mushroom Truffle Madness, because I simply cannot reject anything that says tuffle ever, and my personal favorite, The Godmother, topped with a perfect combination of figs and Gorgonzola.

For dessert we shared the William Greenberg Dulce de Leche Cake that my sister is obsessed with, and the Coconut Cream Jar from Billy’s Bakery that is absolutely joining my list for favorite desserts in NYC. 

So next time you’re planning a picnic in the park skip the sandwich-making nonsense and make a quick stop at The Plaza for all your picnic necessities.

In other news, I’ll be travelling to Italy tonight so make sure to follow my foodie journey this summer in Europe! 

Buon Appetito,



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