Le Cordon Bleu Paris Week 4

Four weeks down and I’m already feeling pretty Parisian. I take the right metro without hesitating, picnic every weekend, and have surprisingly increased my walking pace! Making a beurre pommade (fancy term for softened butter, yes I am showing off) is now an everyday thing, and I feel more comfortable in my LCB uniform than regular clothes.

Week 4 was a short week, we actually had two days off so we got to rest and get to know a Paris more calmly. By Wednesday I was already anxious to get to the kitchen so I was very excited to make my very first Fraisier.

I actually thought it was going to be much harder. For such a beautiful cake the procedure isn’t very hard at all, if you get your mousseline right and spread it evenly you’re pretty much good to go. We topped it with marzipan (which I loved because I’m obsessed with marzipan) but we were also shown how to top it with Italian meringue. I was pleased with my outcome and it was the perfect refreshing dessert for the weather that has suddenly gotten extremely hot again. 

The next day we made Macarons! I was especially excited for this class because I consider myself a macaron connoisseur, I recently did a Tour des Macarons in Paris (post coming up soon) where I tried the best macarons here and it was definitely interesting being on the other side of the picture.

Macarons have a very specific batter, if you get the macaronage just right you’ll get the perfect macaron, but if you do it just a little too much it’ll be too liquid and it will crack, and if it’s too thick they won’t be totally smooth. Also, we were obviously doing this by hand as well, so yes more handmade Meringue for Oriana (yay), so this made it even harder, AND it was French meringue which is the hardest one on my opinion.

My macarons weren’t Ladurée or Sadaharu Aoki perfect but they were pretty amazing. I literally ate like 15. 

Friday we had our written exam which wasn’t bad at all, mostly questions about techniques and ingredients.

I’ll be back next week for our last official week (the 6th week is basically the final practical exam and graduation) so don’t miss next week’s post about my final creations.

Bon Appétit,



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